Spring is here and our hops are growing like crazy!

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    NYC’s first and only hop farm!
    We grow hops on sustaining rooftop farms- Bringing truly local beer to Brooklyn.

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    1K Beer News+Events:
    Come have a beer with us tonight! At Rosamunds on 285 Bedford Ave. 7pm- Peak Organic tap takeover. (6/12/14)

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    Hop Pickup
    This past Monday we picked up a whole truckload of hops from Syracuse! (6/9/14)

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    We’ve developed a lightweight, vine growing system
    that has allowed us to bring this New York
    heritage crop into the city.

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    This allows our community to benefit-
    both from the positive effects of a green roof
    and from a beer that’s truly local.

    Community benefits

Our story told by Dark Rye

trying to grow shit in Brooklyn"

Thousands Win from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Growing truly local hops which all of NYC can celebrate.

Our community supported rooftop is devoted to farming hops in urban spaces and growing the environment.


A perfect beer and hop match

Teaming up with the brand new Carol Gardens brewery, Other Half, we’ll be planting over 200 hops above their roof.

Bringing the largest hop farm in NYC to one of the hottest new breweries, we’re excited for 2014!

This past Monday we picked up a whole truckload of hops from Syracuse!

We’ve adopted (or adduced) a whole bunch of these little plants from upstate. Not it’s time to induct them to Brooklyn. We made sure to play lots of rap music, swerve, speed and honk on the way back. Really get them ready for some NYC life.

Our Farm

Growing hops here in Brooklyn, brings truly local NYC beers.

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    We’ve developed vine growing system which functions as both a hop farm and green roof.

    >Provides protection from the sun and collects rainwater like a traditional green roof.
    >Lighter than traditional green roofs: attaches to the side wall, with vines being suspended across the rooftop.
    >Self watering, low maintenance, easy to install/uninstall….and they grow hops!

    Lightweight growing system

    Traditional green roofs weigh too much to be supported by older buildings since they need many layers of protection and water barriers.
    Our green roof system keeps the weight around the load-bearing outer edges of the roof only, with the lightweight vines being suspended across the rooftop.
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    By enjoying 1K beer you are raising a glass to your environment.

    >Air: Our roofs filter airborne particles including those that cause respiratory diseases.
    >Water: Our roofs reduce Stormwater runoff, which causes 30 billion gallons of raw sewage to overflow into NYC waterways every year.
    >Temperature:Our vine-based green roof system protects buildings from the summer heat.
    >Habitat: Bringing nature back to the city through green roofs.
    By enjoying a beer you are raising a glass to your environment.


    Plants on a green roof convert atmospheric carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into organic compounds, mainly sugars, by using energy from sunlight.


    If storm water runoff was reduced 40%, that would save taxpayers $2.4 billion dollars, keeping everyone’s water bill a little lower. Hurricane Sandy showed that flooding and water management is an immediate priority for NYC and green rooftops can be a part of the solution.


    Cooling buildings by providing shade and through the plants‘ evapotranspiration.  This means air conditioners don’t need to work as hard or use as much electricity. Collectively, having more green spaces in a city also helps to reduce the city-wide heat-island problem.


    Cities are in the most need of green spaces. Birds love green roofs and eat bugs (including mosquitoes).
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    Our goal is to bring the celebration of local farming and harvesting back to our urban community in a new way.

    >Our green roof farm provides a community wide-meeting place to learn and participate in farming.
    >Our Harvest party allows everyone to participate and celebrate the end of the summer!
    >Our beer brings age old traditions back into the city, as a community crafted brewery we invite you to participate!

    Winter is coming

    Winter is coming harvest party The harvest celebration was historically a key time to celebrate the summer past and prepare for the winter to come. Every August and September Thousands Win will have a harvest party! We will be able to celebrate this ancient tradition in a new way- upon the rooftops of NYC.
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    We harvest the freshest hops possible, for the best quality beers.

    >Growing hops in NYC makes sure this key ingredient travels the shortest distance from the vine to the brewery.
    >We’re farming 7 different varieties of hop vines. Each has it’s own particular brewing characteristic and aroma.
    >Beers produced with the hops we grow are:

    Amber Ale
    American Amber Ale
    American Hefewizen
    American Lager
    American Pale Ale
    American Wheat
    Barley Wine
    Blonde Ale
    Brown Ale
    California Common
    Cream Ale
    Dopple Bock
    Double India Pale Ale
    Extra Pale Ale
    Extra Special Bitter
    Fruit Wheat
    Golden Ale
    Holiday Lager
    Imperial India Pale Ale
    Imperial Brown
    Imperial Red Ale
    India Pale Ale
    Irish Stout
    Munich Helles
    Pale Ale
    Red Ale
    Russian Imperial Stout
    Rye Ale
    Scottish Ale
    Strong Ale

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About Us

1k was founded upon our shared love for our community, honoring traditions, perfecting a craft and above all improving our environment.

Caleb and Julian met in kindergarten in Austin, TX in a Montessori school where students would tend chickens while selling eggs and produce. 20 years later Caleb and Julian reconnected in Brooklyn, NY and have been reinvigorated by their common beginnings rooted in organic farming, craft, food, and creativity. They have been growing Hops on Roofs in New York City for 2 years and using these Hops to home brew craft beer.  Thousands Win represents the convergence of their passions, skill sets and experiences and is their chance to make a lasting contribution to their community environment.


Caleb Freese

Farmer, brewer, founder

I was an outdoor guide in the Cascades for seven years before moving to NYC.  It was hard being away from the mountains so I started growing everything I could, wherever possible.  Tomatoes, spicy peppers, olives, grape vines and hops.  My family is full of organic farmers, cooks and my mother makes cheese in North Carolina.  So I guess I’m following tradition in my own way: farming hops on rooftops in NYC.

I grew hops transplanted from the Pacific Northwest, which is second only to Germany as the hop capitol of the world. Early on, I had no idea that I was part of an overall goal to bring this historical crop back to NY. While my brewing education happened in Portland, OR the micro beer capitol of the world- I began to obsess of the historical traditions of Brooklyn’s beer past. 1k is a combination of all things I’m passionate about: covering roofs with plants, creating functional green spaces, restoring a heritage crop and craft. I’m committed to bringing these qualities of life to people who wish to celebrate NYC and a community supported green space.

I live a diverse life as a painter, AMGA climbing teacher, farmer and home brewer. Above all I’m an environmentalist at heart who loves living in the city. I live in Brooklyn with my fiancée, Jackie and my dog, Ophelia.


Julian Hensarling

Green roof systems, farmer, founder.

I’ve always had a passion for the environment and the way food and craft can benefit the world. Having worked within the food industry for 10 years in many capacities, grown to understand that the way we eat and drink can have a huge impact on the environment and our communities. Most recently, I’ve been working as a private chef and food stylist, preparing healthy vegan and vegetarian meals for families here in New York City. As well, through my experience with the arts and other craft oriented endeavors, from welding to carpentry, have fostered the ability to turn complex ideas into reality. Thousands Win is the perfect synthesis of these skill sets and reflects my commitment to bettering the communities we live in. With Thousands Win, I’m responsible for the rooftop planter design as well as marketing and research.

An avid climber, traveler, and cyclist, I’m constantly striving to adventure and experience the world around and I’m impassioned by having a positive impact on the outdoors.
I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife Nina, our cat Octopus, and our two dogs, Jelly and Boone.

We have a diverse community, working hard to expand 1k. Crunching numbers, Marketing, PR, filming videos, coding websites and more… Thousands Win exist because this elite group of bad ass people
And we can’t forget our dogs….